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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps “ The boo… ‚or uxury ƒoos is uneninƒ­ There are €eo€e „ho neer hae o „orry abou „heher hey †an a‚‚or so…ehinƒ hey ike­ In one €ar o‚ he „or or anoher here „i a„ays be so…eone „ih …oney o s€en on uxury” ieƒo ea ”ae •resien an –EŒ To’s Click o o€en our ookbook

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps The growth of wealth The — biƒƒes †haenƒes and luxury goods… Click to explore 01 02 The growth of wealth and especially ultra wealth is a global theme­ €emand for luxury consumer goods is forecast to grow significantly oer the next decade and beyond notwithstanding Responding to the Bridging the the expectation for short term slowdown as the preiously pressure for growth digital diide soaring demand in China cools­ The ƒuestion is – how can you capture this growth… 03 04 electing and anaging the optimising locations full alue chain 05 06 Really knowing arnessing your customers future talent 07 08 Releasing the anaging brand and power of data reputational risk

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps 01 Res€oninƒ o he €ressure ‚or ƒro„h Fashion an uxury brans hae €roe o be resiien oer he †ourse o‚ he o„nurn in re†en i…es bu no„ …any brans are sub‹e† o hiƒher ƒro„h ex€e†aions – an in a …ore †o…€eiie …arke­ These y€es o‚ €ressures are †reainƒ †o……on ra€s ‚or uxury brans o ‚a ino – su†h as akinƒ riskier ra€i˜fire bes o †a€ure ƒro„h­ This €ro†ess †an uner…ine one o‚ he uxury se†or’s …os i…€oran €rin†i€es – bran e uiy­ –onsu…ers are ainƒ o ha †o…€exiy – „ih he abiiy o sho€ on heir o„n er…s „hen an „here hey „an „hie a††essinƒ †o…€ee “The ƒoba uxury ƒoos €ri†e rans€aren†y­ Res€oninƒ o his €ressure re uires he abiiy o kee€ u€ „ih he †onsu…er an €roiinƒ se†or has oube oer he he… „ih …eaninƒ‚u €rou† ex€erien†es ha srenƒhen bran e uiy­ ™usainabe ƒro„h – €reserinƒ bran e uiy €as en years ­­­ an „e an …ainaininƒ ex†usiiy – is he ui…ae e uaion ex€e† i o oube aƒain o baan†e­ by 2020” ‘asi† €rin†i€es o‚ susainabe uxury ƒro„h Fo†us on ‚e„er ™ay †ose o ‘ui o‚‚erinƒs an isan†e he bran an biƒƒer bes he †onsu…er ex€erien†es ha˜ ‚ro… …ass srenƒhen bran €rin†i€es Leaershi€ in Luxury 201š ›o…an ™a†hs

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps 02 ‘riƒinƒ he iƒia iie Many uxury brans are si uesioninƒ ho„ o briƒe he ‘iƒia iie’­ I is a ery ei†ae €ah o rea ƒien „ha’s a sake – he bran heriaƒe­ An his €ah „i i…€a† …ore han ‹us onine reenue­ iƒia e†hnooƒies hae re†eny been esi…ae o influen†e oer a hir o‚ ƒoba in˜sore reai saes­ We hink ha nu…ber is ikey o ƒro„ o ž0Ÿ urinƒ 201ž­ This a††eeraion …eans a i€€inƒ €oin in uxury reai „here iƒia †an no onƒer be †onsiere a Ÿ isin† business insea i „i in†reasinƒy be†o…e ‚una…ena o orƒanisaions an he enire †onsu…er˜ bran reaionshi€­ Any iƒia …ani‚esaion o‚ he bran – ‚ro… so†ia €a‚or…s o hir €ary isribuors – —0 nees o be synony…ous o he bran †ore aues an be aiore o he nees o‚ he †uso…er­ o‚ isiors use iƒia ‚or sho€€inƒ˜ A …isaiƒne or ƒeneri† iƒia o‚‚erinƒ …ay a†uay reae a†iiies be‚ore or urinƒ „ien he iƒia iie­ heir …os re†en ri€ o a sore –onsier iƒia inera†ion €oins a†ross he „hoe i‚e†y†e AWARE CONSIDER EVALUATE PURCHASE LOYALTY RECOEND Diil A ­€ S‚cil S‚cil W ƒ€i „ ‚ƒil … Tƒl  A†† Diil Ei‚­il CR The New €igital €iide †‡ˆ‰ €eloitte

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The big challenges Case studies Our war Our warddrroobebe Insight & r Insight & reesearsearcchh T Thhe way we worke way we work Next steps Next steps 03 ™ee†inƒ an o€i…isinƒ o†aions Whis he shi‚ o„ars o…ni˜†hanne is rea an ƒro„inƒ he as …a‹oriy o‚ ‚ashion an uxury reenues are si rien by o‚fline €hysi†a †hannes­ I re…ains rue ha he †ornersone o‚ †a€urinƒ his o‚fline reai e…an is si ‘o†aion o†aion o†aion’ – bu a key enaber ‚or su††ess „i be o ensure a †onsisen †ross˜†hanne †onsu…er ex€erien†e ‚ro… †o……uni†aion o †onersion­ The ariey o‚ e…oƒra€hi† an in˜reƒion nuan†es ¡e­ƒ­ †iies su†h as Lonon – or een s€e†ifi† srees „ihin †iies – a†inƒ as san˜aone e…an †enres¢ oƒeher „ih ransi an ouris… riers£ „i be ery i…€oran i‚ uxury brans are o ruy †a€ure ƒro„h­ Ÿ Balancing the physical growth strategy is one of the most important components of success ¤ž A baan†e †iy ƒro„h sraeƒy ¡in†uinƒ oues£ re uires ee€ unersaninƒ o‚ nuan†es o‚ uxury †onsu…ers say o‚ †aeƒory €ri†e an sye hey „an o ‚Šc‰ ‹ Œ l –iies a €rou† be‚ore €ur†hase Luxury brans shou Transi ‡­‚ˆ‰ Touris… Non˜†iy uxury ouris… seek o ƒenerae …axi…u… esinaions ¡e­ƒ­ resors aue ‚ro… he ‘…aƒi† rereas£ †an o‚‚er siƒnifi†an hour’ be‚ore flyinƒ €ahs o †os˜e‚‚e†ie ƒro„h Œnine ¥o„ A‚fluen ™ho€€ers ‘uy Luxury ›oos 2014 ›ooƒe / I€sos

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps 04 Manaƒinƒ he ‚u aue †hain Ÿ –reainƒ uaiy €rou†s re uires ex uisie …aerias an †are‚u arisanshi€­ Many uxury ƒoos †o…€anies are ¤š iƒheninƒ heir †onro oer a as€e†s o‚ heir business – ‚ro… esiƒn o isribuion­ ‘y …anaƒinƒ he ‚u aue †hain o‚ exe†uies are hiƒhy ¡an o‚en ineƒrainƒ …ore saƒes o‚ he aue †hain£ †o…€anies †an he€ ensure ha hey hae ex†usie riƒhs †on†erne abou risks „ihin o an aaiabiiy o‚ in€us an €roe† he €osiioninƒ an he ‘ ‹  lŠ c‰i‹ re€uaion o‚ heir brans­ E‚‚e†ie aue †hain …anaƒe…en „i be an in†reasinƒ sour†e o‚ †o…€eiie aanaƒe­ The Ri€€e E‚‚e† 201š eoie ¦uaiy s€ee an susainabiiy beinƒ €ri…ary aue riers – a o‚ „hi†h si unerneah he banner o‚ ensurinƒ bran heriaƒe an e uiy re…ain ina†­ €eliering alue and protecting the brand throughout the alue chain S cŠ­iŽ ‚Œ SŠ††lŽ Rapid Time to Market C‚‹€i€ ‹ Di€­iƒŠi‚‹ ”eri†ay ineƒrainƒ ao„s ‘y †onroinƒ …ore o‚ he ›reaer †onro oer he beer aaiabiiy …ore sabe su€€y †hain i †an reu†e †uso…er ‚a†inƒ i…aƒe o‚ †oss an …ainains uaiy he i…e ‚ro… †a„ak o he bran e­ƒ­ buyinƒ ba†k †onro o ensure hiƒh˜ uaiy †oa˜hanƒer o res€on o ‚ran†hise sores o ensure …aerias ‚or €rou†s †uso…er e…an bran ineƒriy

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps 05 Reay kno„inƒ your †uso…ers Ÿ I…aƒine kno„inƒ „ha eery †uso…er is ƒoinƒ o buy as hey „ak ino he sore­ This …ay be he i…€ossibe rea… bu aan†es in †ieneinƒ are …oinƒ ha rea… †oser­ –ieneinƒ …ay no be ne„ o ‚ashion an uxury brans – §4 saes asso†iaes †an re†oƒnise key †uso…ers on siƒh­ ¥o„eer he rise o‚ he ƒoba †uso…ers o€erainƒ a†ross ƒeoƒra€hies o‚ reai ransa†ions si ake €a†e an …ui€e †hannes …akes i harer an …ore †o…€ex in sore nururinƒ lŠƒl cŠ€‚’ ­ ‚or †o…€anies o †o…€rehensiey unersan heir †uso…er ­ li‚‹€‰i†€ hrouƒh iƒia †ieneinƒ base­ iƒia †ieneinƒ „hi†h in†ues eainƒ˜eƒe €ro†esses …akes he… …ore ikey o †oninue anayi†s an aan†es in –RM syse…s is eierinƒ a €ersonaise †uso…er ex€erien†e a†ross †hannes – an Œ‚­  liŒ i’ ui…aey i…€roinƒ †onersion raes an reenues­ The Ne„ iƒia iie 2014 eoie Šour core clienteling steps to increase customer loyalty and conersion ˆ T­   ‹ ­ l ‹ cŠ€‚’ ­ ‚Š­ c‰ ƒ­i‹€ cŠ€‚’ ­ ‚ ‰ €‚­ ‰ † T‰­‚Š‰‚Š ‰ ‹i­ E’†‚ˆ ­i‹ €l € cŽcl „ i‹ ­  ’‚‹i‚­i‹ The essentials €€‚ci € ‚ †­‚i ‹ ’ €Š­ ’ ‹ ‹ƒl € of clienteling ‹ ‘c †i‚‹l i‹“€‚­ c‚‹i‹Š‚Š€ i’†­‚ ’ ‹ cŠ€‚’ ­ ‘† ­i ‹c ‹ R l ‹ ‹ i’ lŽ Œ‚ll‚ˆ“ Š† ƒ­i‹€ cŠ€‚’ ­€ ƒck Œ‚­ ’‚­

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps Ÿ 06 ¥arnessinƒ ‚uure aen The ‚ashion an uxury se†ors are ‚a†inƒ ra€i business ©ž †hanƒe an €eo€e are a he hear o‚ his reouion­ I is „iey a††e€e ha †o…€anies „ih „e˜orƒanise of companies rate workforce aen …anaƒe…en €ra†i†es are ƒaininƒ he †o…€eiie aanaƒe­ ¨e „ihin hese se†ors here is si a siƒnifi†an capability as an ‘Š­ ‹’ ‚­ ‘i’†‚­‹’ †haenƒe in fininƒ he riƒh €eo€e „ih he riƒh ski …ix o enabe su††ess‚u ƒro„h hrouƒh a €hase o‚ …a‹or c‰ll ‹ „ only ˆŒŽ beliee they ransiion an ex€ansion­ Exe†uie eaers shou a€€y are ready to address it ‹us as …u†h business kno„eƒe an a†u…en as †reaiiy o soe †o…€ex orƒanisaiona an aen …anaƒe…en issues­ E‘’†l l i‹ †­cic € ‚ cc €€ ‹ ­ i‹ l ‹ Treainƒ I‹‹‚ Use ‘iƒ aa Mainain an ­ c­Šii‹ „ho an €‚cil ’ i o  † ‹ ci ‹ ike „here †o……uniies l ‹  † c‹i ’­k i‹ ‹ ˆ‚­k€ ƒ ‹c‰ ›oba ¥u…an –a€ia Trens 2014 eoie

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps 07 “Œrƒanisaions ha use anayi†s Reeasinƒ he €o„er o‚ aa ‚or †o…€eiie aanaƒe „ere 2–2 I‚ he †uso…er is kinƒ he aa are he €a„ns – he ‚ounaion i’ € ’‚­ lik lŽ o subsaniay ‚or any „inninƒ €osiion­ There is …ore in‚or…aion aaiabe han ou€er‚or… heir inusry €eers” eer be‚ore on €eo€e’s †onsu…€ion habis behaiours rens an e†ision riers­ ¥o„eer ines…ens in biƒ aa an anayi†s are „ase i‚ e†ision˜…akers re†eie erroneous insiƒhs or o I‘M MIT 2014 no hae he skis or †o…€een†ies o †oner soi insiƒhs ino business e†isions­ Uno†kinƒ his in‚or…aion is key o unersaninƒ „ha he …in˜se o‚ he †onsu…er is no„ an is ikey o be in he ‚uure­ ‘y 2020 „e ‚oresee a „or o‚ rea˜i…e inke €ari†i€ans a†ross †uso…ers e…€oyees sharehoers an he …arke€a†e­ rien by he †onerƒen†e o‚ ‘iƒ aa he Inerne o‚ Thinƒs an aa ™†ien†e uxury reaiers „i be abe o beer unersan heir †uso…ers res€on o …arke rens an aior saes in‚or…aion & €rou†s­ The future of data k † ­ l  c • • • • • • Content • • • • • • €ata cience • • ’New Insights“ ocial • ‘nalytics S ‰ €  ­ ­ “Big €ata” ’ ‚  ’New –rocessing“ ‚ ‰ € Š obile Cyber  l C • “Interenet of Things” € ­ • ’New ouces“ • • Cloud • • • • Content • • • • • € Ž ‚ l † ’ E •

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps 08 Manaƒinƒ bran an re€uaiona risk Neary hree˜ uarers o‚ …a‹or oss eens o††urre I †an ake …any years o bui a bran bu ony one ue o †orreae an …o…en o ruin i­ Luxury brans hae a„ays neee o inere€enen risks €re€are ‚or an res€on o sraeƒi† un†erainy †or€orae risks an re€uaiona issues – „hi†h †an €ay ou oer i‚‚eren i…e horiªons­ ‘u in a „or o‚ in†rease †o…€exiy The alue killers reisitedœ ‘ risk management study oaiiy an un†erainy brans „i nee o baan†e †‡ˆ‹ €eloitte ƒro„h as€iraions an o€eraiona €ans „ih he sraeƒi† risks hey ‚a†e­ As he o€erainƒ eniron…en †oninues o eeo€ in †o…€exiy ¡e­ƒ­ eoinƒ reƒuaion so†ia …eia †o……uni†aions …ore †onsu…er †hannes broaer ƒeoƒra€hies ‘‚aser’ risks£ †o…€anies „i nee o in†rease heir iƒian†e – „ih bran an re€uaion beinƒ he sronƒes †o……oiy o €roe†­ —i l €€‚‹€ ‚‹ ­ †Ši‚‹l ­i€k ’‹ ’ ‹ €on’t wait until a crisis hits to get ready – “we wish we’d acted earlier” 1 2 ˜ery decision during a ma™or crisis can affect stakeholder alue 3 Response times should be in minutes not hours or days 4 šou can emerge stronger 5 ›hen a crisis seems like it’s oer it’s not

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps Case studies Click to explore how a selection of world’s leading brands have taken journeys with us Digital u­­ly chain ‚ashion ‡ Luˆury GLOBAL LUU Goods Co†­anies GOOD COA  ‚inance €nnovation Growth GLOBAL LUU B„AUƒ BA D ƒechnology „…co††erce etailers

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps Releasing the power of digital “€eloitte took a very personal interest in the company and it started to feel a lot less like a client relationship and more Elvis & Kresse, a luxury goods company with a strong like a genuinely personal relationship” sense of social responsibility, had hit a brick wall. The couple behind the business, ames enrit and Kresse esling, Kresse esling, Žounding partner knew their website needed a thorough overhaul. This was necessary not only to provide them with uptodate marketing Elvis & Kresse and social media tools, but also to convey more effectively that although they used sensitively upcycled materials to create their belts, bags and accessories, their offering was on a par with the big names in luxury goods. s part of the ocial nnovation ­ioneers n the weeks following the new site going scheme, which provides expertise to live, Elvis and Kresse saw a ƒ„… increase innovative social enterprises, a €eloitte in the number of visitors to the site and €igital team worked with ames and a †„… rise in their online sales, allowing Kresse to understand their ecommerce the company to donate more back to the ambitions, while also showing them good causes they support. ‡sers of the some exciting possibilities to take things website have been so delighted with the further. e worked closely with them improvement that they have called the throughout the process, from the company to tell them that, something wireframes, through the mockups and that had never happened before. The site then on the site itself, ad‚usting the design is based on the ˆig ‰ommerce platform, live in the test environment so that they which is very cheap to run while also could see the effect of changes. making product management and order fulfilment much easier.

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps ‘ptimising the supply chain t is a common problem for many luxury goods companies and fashion retailers’ how to minimise the amount of product that is ‘li”uidated’ at the end of a season– ‘ur client faced this problem – and lacked the ability to reverse the goods, and reallocate them to different distribution channels in order to avoid this wastage. low moving items and obsolete stocks were not reallocated to channels where they could create additional revenue. This ‘reverse logistics concept’ also tied e developed and evaluated a range into other value drivers, such as’ the increasing of different scenarios for designing and importance of the outlet channel, the executing the reverse concepts – and buyback offers for independent retail then tested these against rigorous stores, and the centralisation of repair business ob‚ectives. activities for Europe at the logistics warehouse. Žor example, we were able to test different options against cost implications orking closely with the client, our and potential additional revenue ˜ margin experienced team provided advice and improvements for different scenarios. expertise in key components of building ‡ltimately, our work helped this luxury the solution, including’ logistics, process brand to significantly reduce the ageold development, transfer pricing, customs problem of endofseason wastage – and tax. but under a controlled and owned solution ™protecting the brand’s position and adding value to the businessš. ›œ‘ˆœ œ‡ž‡RŸ ›‘‘€ ‰‘¡­¢Ÿ

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps orking in partnership “The ­artners and senior managers are very proactive at giving us recommendations which add value helping the companies ­rada is a global leader in highend luxury fashion clothing move forward” and accessories. n the ‡K we work extensively with ­rada’s ‡K retail network, and with ‰hurch’s English hoes worldwide group ™ac”uired by ­rada in £¤¤¤š. e have been the auditor ­rada, ‡K for several years and in that time we have built up and developed excellent and truly distinctive relationships. Through these relationships, we have t is this that enables us to raise commercially been successful in building an extensive focussed and appropriate insights to the knowledge and appreciation of the management team, adding real value whilst businesses. s a result, we are the trusted conducting our audit and tax services for first portofcall for ongoing advice on the companies. financial, taxation and accounting matters and are on constant communication pecific and recent examples of this throughout the year. in action include recommendations, benchmarking and observations around The centre of our partnership with the the group’s decision to invest in real ‡K companies is built on our excellent estate, factory expansion and also impact relationship that we have with management assessment on the ‡K business of the and our cumulative knowledge of the ›overnments pension autoenrolment. business as well as our retail sector specialisms in the firm.

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps Putting the consumer at “en types of innovation explores diverse the heart of innovation elements of innovation’s impact on the total customer experience. It distills three decades A global luxury beauty company struggled to come of innovation research into an action up with breakthrough innovations that customers and orientated framework” consumers loved. In 201 we were tasked to help them get closer to their consumers and innovate beyond product. heir business was stuck in a growth ipak …. †ain ean I‡ˆ‰A trap by focusing on incremental improvements to oncepopular brands they had tremendous pressure to grow but had lost connection with consumers and worse had become a riskaverse company slow to commercialie bold ideas. oblin worked with a halfdoen his helped each of the brands think of their global brand teams to conceive through the different types that they and develop breakthrough innovations can combine to build breakthroughs. that helped them transcend orthodoxies e then reverseengineered the and create more compelling customer organisational and operational conditions experiences. e built systemic innovations that made them work creating a blue ­ that went beyond product ­ delivering print for restarting the company’s consumercentric offerings and break Innovation engine. oday the company through businesses using the 10 types is regaining the capacity and confidence of innovation. to focus on fewer bigger bets to conceive develop and launch innovations that engage consumers with new and compelling experiences.

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps  strategy for growth “This was a great piece of strategy work based on a real understanding of our business and our people. ¢ew œook ¢ew œook, a global fastfashion retailer with over £,„„„ now has a clear vision that is actionable, stores around the globe, had experienced two se”uential differentiating and understood years of significant profit decline in ¥„££ and ¥„£¥. Žaced with financial pressure from private e”uity investors by everyone” and with a new ambition to become a global, multichannel brand, the new ‰E‘ and executive team were seeking nders Kristiansen, ‰E‘, ¢ew œook to define a robust growth strategy to help turn around the business. e helped to identify potential growth ith a clear threeyear vision now opportunities for the business, including defined, the challenging part was helping a long list of strategic initiatives and ¢ew œook plan and prepare for execution. expansion markets. The team ran a series e worked with the client to develop of workshops with ¢ew œook €irectors detailed activity roadmaps for each to prioritise initiatives and markets based strategic initiative, identify organisational on their attractiveness and ¢ew œook’s barriers that could inhibit the effective ability to win against each opportunity. delivery of the strategy, and support the This resulted in a clear set of focused organisation in overcoming key barriers. ‘here to ­lay’ initiatives that made The ‰E‘ communicated the strategy to up a ‰ore ›rowth ¡odel, including the ˆoard within two weeks and began the delivery of a seamless multichannel delivering thereafter. ince the new customer experience and a new pricing strategy was launched, ¢ew œook has strategy, that could ultimately be seen likeforlike sales, overall revenue rolled out globally. and underlying operating profits grow. The retailer also successfully opened ten stores in ‰hina as part of the international expansion plan.

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps Establishing the foundation of retail excellence Selfridges was founded in 1909 but is constantly challenging itself to be at the forefront of retail, to be able to sustain this level of excellence it is crucial to have an IT foundation that can keep up with the business need eloitte have supported Selfridges in a nuber of areas across their IT real estate fro IT Strategy to Transforation and Service anageent  recent proect exaple was ensuring  deployent is a good exaple that the introduction of sart phones and of how we ai to structure uch of our tablets did not expose the to security work in areas of technologyŠ it delivered and anageent challenges eloitte a costˆcase that identified the cost for was engaged to help Selfridges anage provisioning an  solution, defined this si able risk­ as Selfridges has the an enrolent policy that outlined the second largest flagship store in the guidelines and policies to be followed, ‚ƒ and has been at the forefront of and we built a “lessons learned” introducing obile technology across docuent highlighting insights and their organisation risks encountered during deployent to assist and accelerate future The obile evice anageent „… ipleentations ipleentation included the selection of the preferred vendor and defining the activities re‡uired for user deployent eloitte helped to identify all devices to deploy to and defined the rollˆout schedule, as well as developing collateral for Selfridges to extend the ipleentaˆ tion at other ‰roup organisations

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps ­owering a retail revolution “ Ÿou are acutely conscious of the responsibility you have got, which is the reputation of §the brand¨, the trust ohn œewis is the largest department store retailer in that we have got with our customers the ‡K with an ecommerce offer that sets the benchmark and the need to get that right” for customer experience and proposition. Their business is embarking on a Retail Revolution with the goal of having a market beating omnichannel ­roposition, ‰ ‘, ohn œewis to enable this ohn œewis needed to implement an ecommerce platform that could support their ambitions for the next decade. €eloitte worked with ohn œewis The result is a world class solution to define the re”uired business and handling hundreds of thousands of technology capabilities and software to customer visits per hour on a website that deliver their business goals we acted as enables ohn œewis to internally manage the implementation partner to replace the launch and turnover of more than their ecommerce platform. ‡sing creative †,„„„ products per week. and technical expertise from across the global €eloitte €igital network, we have implemented new ecommerce software from ‘racle T› and web content management software from dobe ‰¦† to deliver the new customer facing website.

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The big challenges Case studies Our wardrobe Insight & research The way we work Next steps ‘ur wardrobe Click to explore Digital trategy ‰ustomer nnovation nnovation ‰orporate finance nalytics ‘rganisation ­rivate upply chain & foreign & operations Tax owned Žinance Risk & udit & governance assurance

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